More Top Posts of 2012: Marriage Issue, Closed Board Meeting on Hockey Coach Probe

Our countdown of the Top 20 Read Posts of 2012 continues with the No.11 and 12 ranked stories.

Roseville Patch covered a lot of different stories, topics and events throughout 2012, but there were a few that stood out as the most read by Patch readers.

We are in the midst of sharing the top 20 most read posts of the year from Roseville Patch now and through the end of  2012. Share your thoughts on the stories in comments below.

No. 20 on our Top Read Posts of 2012  (Click on the highlighted link to see the story.)

No. 19 is Twin Cities Winning Powerball Numbers Are....

No. 18 on our list is Prostitution Crackdown in Roseville Has One Adult Escort Thinking Twice.

No. 17 is Roseville Pics & Clips: Wild Rice Festival Recap. (This is a continuous feature.)

No. 16 post was Leonid Meteor Shower 2012 Peaking

No. 15 post was Parents Talk: Should Sex Education Be Taught in School?

No. 14 Roseville High School AD Under Investigation

No. 13 is Gordmans Department Store in Roseville Opening Thursday, 

Today (Wednesday), we continue the countdown. The 12th most read post of 2012 was Marriage=One Man + One Woman Says Northwestern Student Government.  Here is the story:

Oct. 12-The student senate at  Northwestern College in Roseville is supporting the concept that marriage is only between a man and woman.

But in recently adopting that resolution, the student group avoided declaring a position on the proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment, says Isaac Schultz, a member of Northwestern's student senate. (The proposed state Marriage Admendment would legally define marriage as being only between a man and a woman.)

"Our purpose is to engage students in a discussion and this (resolution) does it in a way"  that is consistent with Northwestern's Biblical and Christian beliefs, Schultz told Roseville Patch. He added the student senate didn't want to disenfranchise any students by taking an official stand on the Marriage Admendment.

Meanwhile, Isaac said he doesn't expect the campus to bring in speakers from Minnesota for Marriage or Minnesotans United for All Families to debate the Marriage Amendment. Instead, he anticipates the issue will be held at a break-out session after daily chapel. (Northwestern is a private Christian liberal arts college. Click this link to read the complete story.

Hockey Probe Story No. 11

Meanwhile, No. 11 on our Top 20 list is Update: Rosevillle School Board Closes Session Reportedly for Hockey Probe Report

April 25-The Roseville School Board met in a closed-door session prior to its regular Tuesday meeting to reportedly receive findings from the district's probe into  parent complaints regarding two hockey coaches.

While board members didn't share the gist of that secret session, there were plenty of comments about the issue from the public during the board's open forum.

Before the executive session, School Board Chairwoman Kitty Gogins told Roseville Patch, "The meeting is being closed pursuant to Minnesota Statute 13D.05, Subd 2(b) to consider allegations or charges against an individual subject to School Board authority." (.)

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