Thanksgiving Grocery Basket: Who's Got the Best Prices?

Roseville Patch scouted up the prices on typical Thanksgiving dinner items that are being sold in local supermarkets.

In the battle for your Thanksgiving Day dinner dollar,  four Roseville grocers are pulling out the stops with special sales and discounts.

On Tuesday, Roseville Patch surveyed about a half dozen Thanksgiving dinner staples at Byerly's,Cub Foods, Rainbow Foods and SuperTarget.

If you buy a 10 pound turkey plus the four other items from our Thanksgiving foodlist, here is the bottom line on spending at the four supermarkets:

  • Cub Foods----   $16.04
  • SuperTarget---  $17.87
  • Rainbow Foods--$18.79
  • Byerly's----------$27.63

When it comes to the main course, turkey, Cub Foods is the king. It's selling Jennie-O frozen turkeys for 58 cents a pound with a coupon. But to get this price you have to have at least additional $25 purchase.

The second lowest price for frozen Jennie-O turkeys is at Rainbow, which is advertising them for 68 cents a pound with its coupon. 

Rounding out the top four are Target with Market Pantry frozen turkeys at 79 cents a pound and Byerly's with frozen Bultterballs at 99 cent a pound.

The following is a table of the four supermarkets and some Thanksgiving dinner items.

Please note that supplies may be limited and prices could change.

Grocery item Byerly's  Cub Foods Rainbow Foods  Supertarget Turkeys $0.99 lb $0.58 lb $0.68 lb. $0.79 lb. 5 lb. Russet potatoes $2.49 $2.79 $2.99 $1.49 Brownberry stuffing crumbs $2.00 1.98 $2.49 $2.50 Pumpkin pies (either 8" or 9" $10.49 $3.49 $4.99 without card $3.99 Fresh cranberries $2.75 per bag $1.98 $1.50 per bag $1.99 per bag


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