Roseville Patch Looking For More Bloggers

For blog topics, the sky's the limit!

It's hard to believe, but Roseville Patch  is already a year old.

Plenty of people are getting to know Patch. But there are also many who still don't. And to that end, I am working on raising community awareness. Many times, I am doing that one peron at a time, one interview at a time, one new post at a time.

I hope you know by now that Roseville Patch is here for you.

One of the ways we trying to make the Patch engaging is by encouraging  readers who either live or work in Roseville to post blogs, allowing them to write on subjects that are of interest to them or are on topics that involve events, activities or people in Roseville.

During the last few months, we have had  several Roseville people providing blogs on a fairly regular or occasional basis. They include folks like Julie Wearn, Rose Diestler, Mike Murphy, Mike Boguszewski, Julie Overbye, Mark Sommefeld and John Gisselquist. A couple of our newer bloggers include Chip Small and Jason Stonehouse.

It's been great to have these folks as blog contributors. And we would like to have plenty more bloggers. 

Here's your chance to blog at Roseville Patch and help make this Web site interactive.  

The sky is the limit to what you can blog about, as long as your topic is of interest one way or another to people within Roseville. Your blog could be about personal fitness, learning to play a musical instrument as an adult, real estate tips from a realtor, financial investing or tracking the Roseville music and arts scene, just to name a few possibilities. 

Not everything has to be a written, article-type post, either: You could simply post photos or YouTube videos at your blog. 

You can blog regularly, every so often, or even just once. You decide when you have something to say, show or share. 

To learn more about how you can blog at Roseville Patch, send an email to scott.carlson@patch.com or click on the button on our home page that says "Start a blog."


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