How Did Crimes in Roseville Compare With The State Average?

Data revealed in new FBI report on Crime in the United States for 2011.

The FBI recently released its annual report on "Crime in the United States" for 2011. The report broke down crime statistics in Roseville, where 25 robberies and 33 assaults were reported in 2011.

There were 1,507 property crimes reported to Roseville Police in 2011. The number of property crimes per 100,000 residents was 74 percent higher than property crime rates in Minnesota (and 56 percent higher than in the Midwest as a whole).

But Roseville's 58 violent crimes—robberies and aggravated assaults—were 23 percent lower, by population, than the Minnesotan average (and 51 percent lower than the Midwestern average).

City/County Pop. Robbery Aggravated
assault Burglary Theft Auto theft Arson Roseville 33,920 25 33 150 1,257 100
3 Little Canada 9,848 4 2 32 166 40 3 Falcon Heights
5,362 3 1 17 80 5 0 Arden Hills 9,626 2 3 15 123 10 2 St. Anthony 8,289 5 2 59 240 7 0 Ramsey County (unincorporated) 515,000 1 8 19 119 8 1
The Twilight Clone November 14, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Zac: We have a shopping mall that is very large relative to Roseville's permanent population. These numbers don't mean much without context. How many of those thefts were shoplifting, and specifically, how many were at Rosedale? It should be pretty easy to figure that out based on the address (1595 Hwy 36 or whatever the placeholder address is). At first glance, you might think we have a big theft problem in Roseville, but that is probably not the case. Please investigate further and give us a clearer picture. Thanks.
roger b hess jr November 15, 2012 at 02:03 PM
the burglary number seems very high, which is why i wish the roseville police dept. would spend more time patroling neighborhoods, versus trying to collect fines and forfeitures from traffic violations. i feel our roads are very safe - it is extremely rare for someone to die in a traffic collision in roseville. so, instead of spending the majority of their time monitoring traffic and stopping drivers for silly reasons, our officers should be constantly patrolling ALL roseville neighborhoods.


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