How You Can Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Christmas

The Roseville Police Department offers tips on avoiding get hit by thieves during the holiday season.

Editor's note: The following information is from the Roseville Police Department:

As you shop for holiday gifts this year, Roseville Police remind you of a few tips to avoid becoming a victim of theft. Whether at the mall, church, another residence or parked in your own driveway, vehicle owners can protect their property by making it harder for thieves to break in.

  •  Park in a well-lit area. Lock your vehicle and activate your car alarm. Thieves only need a few minutes to snatch something from your car. Thieves are less likely to break into a vehicle if they can be seen by others.
  •  Lock your trunk, glove compartment or any other place you store valuables, particularly if you have a trunk release inside your car. Lock the gates on a hatchback or truck topper. If you have a removable faceplate for your stereo, remove it and take it with you. Locks may be purchased for many components in your car.
  •  Don’t leave valuables (including stereos, purses, briefcases, loose change or packages) inside your vehicle where they are visible from the outside. Take them with you, and if that is not possible, place valuables out of sight before you reach your destination.
  •  Protect your home during the holidays – keep gifts away from windows or doors. Anything that’s visible from the outside of your home may present an opportunity a would-be thief can’t resist.
  •  Keep track of the receipts in case your items are stolen. This helps police understand the value of the items taken, and the information may assist you in filing insurance claims. When purchasing items, take the receipt from the cashier rather than leaving it in the bag.

Thieves don’t limit their activity to the holiday season. These tips can help all year. If you see any suspicious activity, immediately call 9-1-1. It’s important that we hear from you right away to protect yourself and your neighbors.


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