With Several Inches of Snow Falling, Say No to The Tow in Roseville

Whenever lots of snow comes, city says get your cars off the street to avoid getting ticketed and towed.

With the Twin Cities getting pelted with several inches of snow this morning and the National Weather Service reporting more for this afternoon, the city of Roseville is encouraging residents to make sure they have their cars off the roads to avoid getting a ticket or  towed.

"Roseville enforces an on-street parking ban as soon as two inches of snow has fallen in a 48-hour period,'' Carolyn Curti, Rosevile spokeswoman, told Roseville Patch. "It doesn’t have to finish snowing for the ban to take effect. The ban remains in effect until both sides of the street have been plowed.

"Vehicles may be ticketed and towed if parked on the street," she said. "The fine is $25 plus towing and impounding costs.

The city recommends that residents, visitors and guests play it safe; even if a small amount of snow is predicted, do not park on the street," Curti concluded. 

Roseville has a Snow and Ice Control Policy that sets plowing priorities and guidelines. Log on to www.cityofroseville.com/snow to review the policy.


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