More Than 100 Citations for Roseville "Snowbirds"

Sunday's snowfall resulted in few car accidents, but plenty of tickets to residents who didn't get their cars off the streets for city snowplows.

While Sunday's messy snowfall resulted in less than a handful of car accidents in Roseville, "snowbird" violations were another story.

According to Roseville Police Lt. Lorne Rosand, Sunday’s snow fall resulted in the city Police Department issuing a plethora of citations for residents leaving their vehicles out on the city streets when there were two or more inches of snow fall.

From Sunday to Monday morning, the Roseville Police Department had issued more than 100 citations for snowbird violations and counting, Rosand said.

Rosaand said Sunday's snowfall was a good opportunitoy for residents to remember the city's snow bird ordinance which states:
A. Parking Restricted: No person shall park any vehicle, except in compliance with directions of a police officer or in compliance with regulatory parking signs, on any street for a period of 48 hours commencing immediately after any two inches or more continuous snowfall or until snow removal has been completed on any street, whichever occurs first. (Ord. 687, 12-18-1972)
B. Removal of Illegally Parked Vehicles: Any vehicle parked in violation of this section is declared to be a nuisance which interferes with snow removal from public streets and any police officer may remove or cause to be removed, summarily, any such vehicle by means of towing or otherwise or such police officer may require the driver or owner to remove such vehicle off the paved, improved or traveled portion of such street.
C. Prosecution For Violation: The removal of a vehicle which is parked in violation of this section, either by a police officer or under the direction of a police officer, shall not preclude a prosecution for violation of any provision of this chapter. (Ord. 361, 2-26-1962)
Rosand said, "The department has issued its snowbird cites and will return 12-hours later to determine if the violator auto has been removed from the city street.  If the auto is still on the city street and has been plowed around, the officer will tow the auto to impound. 

It is important residents remove their auto(s) from the city street prior to and/or during any snowfall to avoid receiving a snowbird citation."

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