Roseville Firefighters Respond to Gasoline Tanker Spill

The incident occurred Tuesday morning off of Highway 36 near Dale Street exit.

Roseville firefighters responded Tuesday morning to a leaking gasoline tanker off of Highway 36, according to Twin Cities Fire Wire. 

"The incident occurred on the exit ramp from eastbound Highway 36 to Dale Street around 8:15 a.m,'' the news service reporrted. "Once crews arrived, an all-call was dispatched for additional units.

Fire Wire added:

"According to radio traffic, the tanker was hauling about 3,000 gallons of gasoline when it started leaking. The fuel spilled onto the roadway and then into nearby culverts. Firefighters set up hoselines with foam as the leak was stopped.

An empty gas tanker was brought into the scene and the remaining product was offloaded."


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