Roseville Police Blotter: Criminal Sexual Conduct and an Assault

A roundup of domestic, narcotics-related and other violations committed in Roseville in the last week.

Editor's note: All information contained in this report is public and can be obtained from the Roseville Police Department. Crime reports are available in a sortable map on the city’s website.

Drug offenses:

  • Narcotics, County Rd C and Snelling Ave (December 20)
  • Narcotics, 2500 block of Cleveland Ave (December 21)
  • DWI, County Rd C and Avon Ave (December 21)
  • Drunk driver, Cleveland Ave and Hwy 36 (December 21)
  • DWI, Rice St and Wheelock Pkwy (December 22)
  • Drunk driver, Dale St and Hwy 36 (December 22)
  • DWI, County Rd B2 and Western Ave (December 22)
  • DWI, Hwy 36 and Rice St (December 23)
  • Drunk driver, Larpenteur Ave and Rice St (December 24)


  • Hit and run, Larpenteur Ave and Rice St (December 18)
  • Hit and run, 1500 block of Hwy 36 (December 18)
  • Criminal sexual conduct, 2100 block of Dale St (December 21)
  • Hit and run, 1500 block of Hwy 36 (December 23)
  • Hit and run, 3000 block of Old Hwy 8 (December 25)
  • Hit and run, 2500 block of County Rd B (December 26)
  • Assault, 1600 block of County Rd B (December 26)
  • Hit and run, 1600 block of County Rd C (December 26)
  • Hit and run, Hamline Ave and Larpenteur Ave (December 26)



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