"Snowbird" Citations, Thefts, Disorderly Conducts-Roseville Police Blotter

A look at the Roseville Police Department incidence log for Friday through Sunday.

Editor's note: All information contained in this report is public and can be obtained from the Roseville Police Department. Crime reports are available in a sortable map on the city’s website.

With winter dumping four inches of snow on the Twin Cities last Thursday evening and into Friday, the Roseville Police Department issued more than 60 citations for "snowbird" violations. 

Police issued those tickets to residents who failed to get their cars off city streets so municipal truck crews could go about their snowplowing duties. A Roseville ordinance says:

  •  "No person shall park any vehicle, except in compliance with directions of a police officer or in compliance with regulatory parking signs, on any street for a period of 48 hours commencing immediately after any two inches or more continuous snowfall or until snow removal has been completed on any street, whichever occurs first. "

Meanwhile, here is a samplng of other Roseville police calls from this past Friday and weekend:

Feb. 22

  • Theft, 1500 block of Hwy. 36 W.
  • Theft of license plates, 1500 block of Hwy. 36 W.
  • Theft of auto accessories and parts, 2000 block of Long Lake Road.
  • Disorderly conduct, 1500 block of Hwy. 36 W. 
  • Assault, 1400 block of Rambler Road.
  • Theft, 1600 block of County Road B2 W. 
  • Disorderly conduct, 1500 block of County Road C W.
  • Theft, 1500 block of Hwy. 36 W. 
  • Motor vehicle theft, 2500 block of Cleveland Ave. N. 
  • Disorderly conduct, 1400 block of Terrace St.

Feb. 23

  • Theft, 1500 block of Hwy. 36 W.
  • Theft, 2100 block of Dale St. N.
  • Disorderly conduct, 1500 block of Hwy. 36 W.
  • Disorderly conduct, 2900 block of Lincoln Drive. 

Feb. 24

  • Theft, 2400 block of Dale St. N. 
  • Disorderly conduct, 1200 block of Roselawn Ave. W.
  • Drunk person, Autumn Street and Fernwood Avenue.
  • Theft, 700 block of Parker Ave.
  • Theft, 1600 block of County Road B2 W. 

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