Top Roseville Patch Stories for November: Election Coverage Dominated

Eight of the top 10 most viewed Roseville Patch stories for the month November were election-related.

Stories on city, county and state election results dominated as the most viewed posts on Roseville Patch during November.

Eight of the top most viewed storeies during the month were election related. The only exceptions were posts about viewing the Leonid meteor showers and Minnesota results of the mega Powerball jackpot this past week.

Here are the top 10 most viewed stories of the month. Click onto to the links to see the full reports:

Leonid Meteor Shower 2012: Peaking Pre-Dawn Through Tuesday

Twin Cities Winning Powerball Numbers Are....

Roseville Election Guide 2012

Roseville Pro and Con on Voter ID Amendment

Update: Ramsey County Election Results 2012

Update: Local Roseville Patch Election Results 2012

MN Marriage Amendment=Majority Support in Only One Patch City

Recap on Roseville City Council Candidates

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