It's Winter and... They're Trimming Trees

This is the season for Roseville maintenance crews to carry out some tree pruning.

Editor's note: The following post is an item from the latest city of Roseville email newsletter:

Winter is a great time to trim trees and shrubs. Trimming in winter prevents insects and diseases from harming your trees. Pruning improves a tree’s structure and overall health.

Roseville Public Works Crews goal is to trim close to 20 percent of City trees in the winter months.

City staff receive training in the latest pruning techniques. They remove overgrowth and damaged limbs. Proper pruning keeps the City’s trees healthy and strong and prevents possible damage from falling branches. Regularly trimming trees also helps maintain visibility along City streets.

Log on to www.cityofroseville.com/treetrimming to get more information and to see where the City plans to trim trees this winter.


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