New Tax on Tattoos, Less Tax on Shovels: What's in Dayton's Sales Tax Plan

See which goods and services would be taxed more, less or not at all in Minnesota under the governor's proposed changes.

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Here are three lists the Minnesota Department of Revenue released Thursday night, according to Morning Take (click on PDF thumbnails at right to display lists):

  • Items exempt from sales tax
  • Items already taxed that would be taxed less 
  • Items not now taxed that would be taxed ("Broadening")

Which changes would affect you? Which would have an effect on businesses in Fridley or the community more broadly? Leave a comment with an example below.

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Eric Jaffa January 26, 2013 at 03:08 PM
Regarding "digital products," I shouldn't have to pay a tax to the state of Minnesota when I buy an MP3 or a TV show episode at amazon.com. Regarding "auto repair," taxing that will cause people to delay repairs and make the roads more dangerous.
roger b hess jr January 28, 2013 at 02:29 PM
since we live in an economy which is mostly serviced based, it makes sense to have a sales tax on services. spreading the tax over more items should make it possible to lower the overall sales tax rate. i wish all cities in minnesota received a small percentage of the sales tax like st. paul and minneapolis, and that the city could not use the sales tax on new expenditures, but to lower their general levy.


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