Roseville Council Approves County Road D Project

Reconstruction of a deteriorated roadway from Lexington Avenue to Victoria Street set to begin in May.

The Roseville City Council on Monday night approved reconstructing a deteriorated section of County Road D that stretches from Lexington Avenue to Victoria Street. 

The project, which Roseville will share constructing with neighboring Shoreview, will include a continuous sidewalk on the south side of the road.

Roseville City Engineer Deb Bloom said the project will go out for bids in February; construction is expected to begin in May and be completed by October.

Roseville's share of the project will cost $994,000 with $552,000 in funding coming from municipal state aid money, $139,000 in assessments paid by abutting property owners, $232,000 from utilty funds and $70,000 from the city's general funds.

County Road D between Lexington Avenue and Victoria Street is considered to be in marginal condition, "with pavement showing signs of distress with many cracks and severe oxidation," the city said in a recent weekly news update.

Besides asphalt for the new roadway, the project will include new concrete curb and gutter, watermain and new storm sewer facilities.

The project will also include constructing a concrete sidewalk on the south side of the street, the most controversial part of the proposal. The City said it had received a petition from 11 of the 20 Roseville property owners along County Road D requesting that the proposed sidewalk not be constructed.

During the public hearing, some residents told the Council that they considered the sidewalk unnecessary since there is one already on the north side of the road. One of the residents, Brian Stenquist, objected partly because of what he called high assessments on the project.

But a couple of other residents favored constructing the south-side  sidewalk, saying it would help promote safety for nearby a city park and a local church, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. 

Initially, councilman Bob Willmus spoke in favor of approving the project without the additional sidewalk.

But after further discussion and a couple of votes, the council unanimously approved the project, including the sidewalk.

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Bob Willmus January 29, 2013 at 04:00 PM
I fully support the reconstruction of the roadway, utilities and crosswalk improvements. However, I continue to believe the construction of a sidewalk along the South side of the roadway is redundant and unnecessary given the sidewalk running the length of the North side of the roadway. As elected officials we often speak of partnering or sharing resources with other communities. If we are unable to partner or share such basic infrastructure as a sidewalk, what can we share?
Lisa Laliberte January 29, 2013 at 04:50 PM
I agree with Councilmember Willmus. No-one on the Council disputed the reconstruction of the roadway, utilties and crosswalk improvements. But, I am one councilmember who believes the money that will be spent on this duplicated sidewalk (which more than half of the affected residents did not want) will certainly be needed somewhere else.
linda sina February 05, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Good for both of you!! I watched the council meeting on television. I too do not think it was that important. What ever happened to majority rules? I have lived in my home for over 40 years---not everyone moves around as some of the members stated. Is that why their opinion did not matter. just hope every one in the future take notice of what council member listen and which ones could care less.....


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