Mack Johnson Falls Short on 3-Point Competition

Roseville High School senior basketball star was only Minnesota athlete in the national contest.

It's the end of the line for Roseville star basketball player Mack Johnson in a national 3-point high school competition. 

Johnson, a senior at Roseville Area High School, was eliminated last week in the round of 16 in the American Family Insurance High School 3-Point Championship. 

The Roseville Raiders boys basketball web site had this to say:

"Four rounds of vote-offs would reduce the 16 candidates to a single winner who will compete in a 3 pt contest in Atlanta during the NCAA Final Four....Mack Johnson lost in his bracket to a player from Utah by 2 percentage points .

 In the second closest of the 8 vote-offs, Mack was defeated 51%-49%.  A bummer, but we are proud and happy for Mack for the recognition and honor he received by being selected to participate.

"In a related story, Mike Muscala (a Roseville High School graduate and former Raider star basketball player) is in an online voting competition of his own. Learn more and help Mike by following this link."

Johnson, a guard, is known as a three-point playmaker. He is averaging about 18 points per game this season, including two or three three-point baskets.  Last year, as a junior, he set the school's record for most three-point baskets, 83. 

For a full report on Mack Johnson and the 3 point contest, click on to this Roseville Patch story. 

Meanwhile, the basketball season is not over yet for Johnson and his teammates. They have two regular season games left and are hoping to make a deep run into state high school tournament play. 

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