Roseville Hockey Coach's Resignation is Third Most Read Story of 2012

Roseville Patch is counting down the Top 20 most read posts of 2012.

Roseville Patch covered a lot of different stories, topics and events throughout 2012, but there were a few that stood out as the most read by Patch readers.

We are in the midst of sharing the top 20 most read posts of the year from Roseville Patch now and through the end of  2012. Share your thoughts on the stories in comments below.

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Today, Sunday, we continue our series. Our fourth most read story of 2012, Geminid Meteor Shower 2012 at Peak Viewing, gave readers advice on how best to see the meteor shower in the Roseville area.

Our third most read story, Roseville Hockey Coach Resigns, detailed the resignation of Roseville High hockey coach Jeff Pauletti. He resigned in May, but continued to deny the allegations of bullying that led to his ouster.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Pauletti, a nine-year hockey coach at RAHS, said that he tendered his resignation at about 3:30 p.m. so he could publicly respond to his critics, who also accused him of financial wrongdoing in using his Top Shelf Athletic business to sell sporting equipment to the high school. While under a District 623 investigation, school officials had warned him to not comment on the case or risk getting fired, Pauletti explained.

In an interview after speaking to the School Board, Pauletti said he was relieved to resign, noting the complaints against him had taken a toll on his health and had caused him sleepless nights.

Pauletti said that about 10 days ago, his wife asked him to resign his hockey coaching position, Jen Pauletti explained the handful of disgruntled parents had created a "toxic" situation for she and her family. 

Pauletti had been under a School district probe since last fall when a parent, Felicia Busch, contended that over the past few seasons he had bullied and humiliated some players, singling some of them out for harsh criticism and doing things such as throwing garbage cans and breaking hockey equipment. 

At Tuesday's board meeting, Pauletti denied bullying players, adding that there were no restrictions on his coaching. He countered that his chief parent accuser, who he did not name, was upset beccause one of her sons got cut from the hockey team early this past season.

Pauletti denied throwing any garbage cans in the boys lockerroom but admitted accidently breaking a clipboard a few seasons back.

Click here to read the full story.


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