Senior Spotlight: Lee Stecklein, Roseville Girls Hockey Team

Senior defensive player has been hitting the rinks since age 6.

Lee Steckiein, a defensive player on Roseville High School's girls hockey team, scored one of the goals Thursday in the Raiders' opening round 3-1 win over Grand Rapids/Greenway at the state AA tournnament.

This past fall, the star senior announced her letter-of-intent to play for the University of Minnesota's women's hockey team for the 2012-13 season. 

Roseville Patch talked with Stecklein before the start of the state girls hockey tournament to get her views on playing hockey and what makes her high school team so special. 

Patch: When did you start playing hockey?

Stecklein: When I was in the first grade, about six-years-old.

Patch: What do you like about hockey? 

Stecklein: I like that it is fast paced and constantly changing. 

Patch: What is the biggest challenge playing hockey?

Stecklein: The biggest challenge is quickly thinking on your feet. Everything is moving so fast that you need to think quickly. 

Patch: What makes your high school hockey so special?

Stecklein: We have great forwards, goalies and defense. A lot of us have played together since we were little, so we have great team chemistry. 

Patch: What are your expectations for the state tournament?

Stecklein: I am hoping we make it to the championship final. But we can't ignore any of the steps along the way. 

Patch: If your team makes it to the tournament final, do you have a favored opponent? 

Stecklein: It doesn't matter as long as we get there. I'll play one game at a time. 


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