Roseville High Hockey Coach Jeff Pauletti's Apologia is No. 8 Most Read Story of 2012

Roseville Patch is counting down the Top 20 most-read posts of 2012.

Roseville Patch covered a lot of different stories, topics and events throughout 2012, but there were a few that stood out as the most read by Patch readers.

We are in the midst of sharing the top 20 most read posts of the year from Roseville Patch now and through the end of  2012. Share your thoughts on the stories in comments below.

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Today, Friday, we continue our series. Coming in at No. 8 is a story about the Roseville High School hockey coach, Jeff Pauletti, who lost his job after allegations of bullying and intimidation.

"I am still interested in coaching, as I have a strong passion for the game and a willingness to interact with student-athletes," Pauletti wrote in an email to Patch. "I believe that I have been a positive influence in their lives, and have coached many outstanding young men."

In the story, Roseville Hockey Coach Speaks His Mind, Pauletti defends himself at length from his accusers:

Here is Pauletti's statement to the Board:

"I am here today because I would just like to respond to some of the allegations that have been made against me, and I won’t beat around the bush on the issues. I have been waiting for months to respond to this, and feel it is my time to.

The comment has been made by this woman that “even though our school district has many, many detailed specific reports by players and families of how hockey coaches have bullied their kids, displayed aggressive acts of violence, and psychologically messing with kids minds and emotions.”  She has also stated, “this is the fourth time since 2008 that I have reported these behaviors.  At a minimum 7 other families provided in person reports of bullying over several years.”

I have asked for and received a copy of my personnel file, and not once have there been any prior reports of any of these allegations ever mentioned.

I continued to coach all season long, without any type of restrictions from the school.  Not one!  There have never been any of these types of allegations that she has referenced in any documentation from the school, to the school, or to the coaches.  Allegations of throwing garbage cans; NOT TRUE.  Bullying and Intimidation; NOT TRUE.  Repeatedly documented over a consecutive 5 year time frame; NOT TRUE. 

I have; on the other hand; broken a clipboard, in 2006-07.  The players even joked about this, because at the end of the year banquet they presented to me a half-dozen clipboards they made in wood shop.  They said that it worked so well to motivate them, they thought I could use more.

The accusers past history includes trying to get an administrator removed from their job, several volunteer youth hockey coaches removed, and baseball coaches removed.  All skewing the facts in order to make themselves look better.  All of this coming from a family that didn’t get their way because their son did not make team, or didn’t get their way in other situations.

Click here to read the full story.

Coming in at No. 7 in our list of most read stories, is this recap on candidates for Roseville Council.


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